Monday, November 10, 2014

Subrata Basu, a national teacher awarded in 80;s


from n-w corner.

the renovated house of house of younger grand son of elder son late kumud ranjan samadder

from n-e corner. the portion in front was the portion of younger son radhikaranjan samadder (sold in mid-70's)

standing on the wide veranda after renovation

as above

bed room used by late kumud and later by his wife .turned into a broad open kitchen

the old kitchen of late kumud turned to a small room, may be a store room.

the main bed room of late kumud converted to a bed room with attached toilet. the door of the toilet overlooked at the corner

from veranda doors of the two previous rooms.

the door of loft over the attached toilet 

a basin in the veranda by the side of the kitchen

partition mark between two grand sons

renovated roof with a big room at the end

a swing on the roof

light structure at the top of the roof

sitting on the swing

as above

present malkin